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Edget Garment Factory PLC is duly established under the commercial code and other relevant laws in Ethiopia. It has been issued business registration and trade license number (License Number 1026/96) by the then Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Industry in 1996.

The factory is actually geared to manufacture uniform for military, police, worker and student uniforms, casual cloth for men, women and children, Graduation Gown and fully knitted products such as T-shirts, Polo shirts, knitted jackets and sportswear.

With the wide experience of more than 35 years in the garment field, and with our dedicated  team comprising both local and expatriates, we can handle various products from design through production to delivery.


  •  Produce high quality garment and apparels with reasonable price
  • To avail the products in the required quantity and in time
  • Respect customers’ requests and meet their demands
  • Value the role that employees are playing for the success of the company
  • To become a leading factory worldwide


  • To produce different garments and apparels comparable to international standards in quality and substitute significant portion of the import
  •  To be globally competitive in the international market
  • Continuous innovation and advancement in latest technologies

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Business strategy

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  • Focus markets
  • Promotional Activities

Realizing the government conducive environment for export and garment and textile sectors, the attractiveness of Africa Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA), buying from Africa for Africa initiative to increase Africa’s participation in development aid procurement which is initiated by International Trade center UNCTAD/WTO, and others, the company is on the verge of restructuring its skeleton with the frame of being able to internationally competitive. 

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